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Our mission

Maximizing value through mutual interests

Our mission is to maximise value for key stakeholders in the property letting process by aligning their mutual interests around enjoyable digital experiences. That means matching people with their perfect property and all the services they need to move in with minimum fuss. And it means liberating agents from admin so they can accelerate growth by generating and closing more deals. Because renting or letting a home should be just as pleasant as living in it, don’t you think?
And we practice what we preach. Through constant innovation and iteration, we learn and get better every day. Working as one team, we adapt to a changing world to achieve meaningful impacts on people’s lives.
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How did we get here?
Because we’ve been there

First things first. We at Halo have all been tenants at one time or another. That means we’ve literally lived that side of the lettings journey, complete with all of its opaque processes, paperwork (and more paperwork), and unresponsive landlords.

Those experiences prompted us to found Reneza, an online lettings brokerage agency.

By January 2019 we were busy... but deeply frustrated.

We provided property management services across the UK, and had scaled the business to serve 200+ private landlords in nine months.
But customer acquisition costs were high and the day-to-day was increasingly dominated by a tonne of admin and repetitive communication with renters. Business was good, but because of the inefficiency of the typical brokerage operations model the work felt harder than it needed to be.

We figured that we couldn’t be the only ones in the industry feeling this way. So we hit the road in search of a rental management platform to digitize our operations and the experiences we provided to customers and their tenants.
We were surprised by what we found: nothing. Traditional property management systems did half the job, but stopped short of orchestrating the kinds of integrated, digital experiences that agents and tenants have come to expect.

So we set to work on building our own. Firstly to soothe our admin and email-induced headaches and increase our own competitive advantage — but also to enable the experiences we all wished we’d had back when we were tenants ourselves.
And then came the pivot.

Inspired by further conversations with other brokerages, we realized the problem was much bigger than ourselves. Instead of competing with these brokerages we realized we could help them, their tenants and their landlords.
And here we are.
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